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Businessman Landon Tried To Negotiate For An Out Of Court Settlement Before Trial

In a surprising turn of events during Wednesday’s court proceedings, businessman Ronald Nyandoro’s lawyer revealed that the complainant, James Landon, attempted to initiate negotiations for an out-of-court settlement.

During the latest courtroom proceedings in the ongoing legal battle between businessman Ronald Nyandoro and complainant James Landon, tensions ran high as Nyandoro’s lawyer, Mr. Admire Rubaya, cross-examined Landon regarding his actions prior to the trial.

Rubaya wasted no time in questioning Landon’s motives, particularly focusing on his last-minute attempt to negotiate an out-of-court settlement just moments before the trial was set to commence.

This move raised eyebrows and led Rubaya to scrutinize Landon’s credibility and intentions.

As the cross-examination continued, Rubaya confronted Landon with discrepancies in his testimony regarding the handover of the vehicle in question. While Landon claimed the exchange occurred at his residence in Borrowdale Brooke, Rubaya alleged that it took place at Me Logan’s house.

This inconsistency raised doubts about the accuracy of Landon’s account.

Moreover, Rubaya accused Landon of abusing the criminal justice system by filing a theft of trust property report against Nyandoro. Rubaya argued that Nyandoro had received the vehicle as payment for services rendered, disputing Landon’s assertion that it was entrusted to him temporarily.

Landon maintained that the Toyota Landcruiser AET 3438 was meant to be returned to him after a period of time. However, Nyandoro, through Rubaya, vehemently denied any allegations of a trust agreement, asserting that the vehicle was rightfully obtained as compensation for services provided.

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In a surprising twist, Nyandoro claimed that Landon’s legal disputes with another businessman, Adam Woodington, played a significant role in the exchange of the vehicle. According to Nyandoro, the vehicle was given to him as payment during a tumultuous time for Landon, which ultimately resulted in Landon’s arrest.

The trial has been adjourned until March 13, awaiting the testimony of the second State witness. As the courtroom drama unfolds, the truth behind the contentious vehicle exchange and the allegations of theft of trust property will hopefully come to light.



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