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BUSINESSMAN DENIES CLAIMS OF ORDERING A HUMAN HEAD…Turns to Facebook to protest and plead his innocence…Claims he is being persecuted for his beliefs in JesusBUSINESSMAN DENIES CLAIMS OF ORDERING A HUMAN HEAD…Turns to Facebook to protest and plead his innocence…Claims he is being persecuted for his beliefs in Jesus

A BUSINESSMAN, whose name was sucked into a plot to kill a seven-year-old Grade One pupil and use his head for ritual purposes, turned to Facebook yesterday to dismiss the claims and, in a bizarre twist, says he is being persecuted for believing in Jesus Christ.

John Madondo, a prominent businessman in Rusape, was implicated in the murder plot, for ritual purposes, which saw Tatenda Mudziwedare (20), being sentenced to four years in prison for his part in the plot.

Mudziwedare was convicted of the crime after he pleaded guilty to attacking the schoolboy and almost strangling him only for him to be disturbed by some villagers who were passing by the crime scene.

Mudziwedare, who was not represented, appeared before Rusape regional magistrate, Francis Mapfumo.

He pleaded guilty to violating Section 187 as read with Section 47 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act which criminalises attempts to kill a person.

“On February 28, 2024, and at Sherenje Business Centre, Headlands, he (Tatenda Mudziwedare) attempted to cause the death of Alvin Kambadza by squeezing his neck with both hands after having been instructed by a businessman, John Madondo, to bring a human head for rituals,” read the charge sheet.

Prosecutor Tawanda Munjanja said:

“The complainant is a Grade One learner.

“On February 28, 2024 and at around 7am, Mudziwedare was at Sherenje Business Centre when he saw the complainant and other learners going to Sherenje Primary School.

“Mudziwedare chased the learners and managed to grab the complainant. He squeezed the complainant on the neck using both hands.

“The accused person saw some local villagers and let go of the complainant. The matter came to light when the complainant reported what happened to his mother.”

Mudziwedare was sentenced to seven years in prison of which three years were suspended and he will serve an effective four years.

He implicated Madondo, claiming he was the one who ordered him to bring him a human head.

Madondo, who has been in South Africa, pleaded his innocence on Facebook.

“I have no warrant of arrest and neither have the police contacted me,” he said.

“This is what happens when you’re persecuted for believing in Jesus Christ and trying to make an honest living through business.

“I don’t know anything, they are just rumours that I am also hearing and seeing on social media and so there are just some things I can’t speak on because I honestly have no idea of what is really going on.

“I was told about the issue by a pastor on WhatsApp who informed me that the police had come to my shop looking for me.”



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