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Army bosses push for VP’s wife’s retirement

Vice President Chiwenga and Wife Colonel Baloyi picture source: 263 chat

Attending the Defence Forces day event despite being a well-decorated soldier Colonel Miniyothabo Baloyi chose to walk in gold stilettos, crimson rob with her uncovered tapered fro. As she walked down the track at National sports she was accompanied by her Husband the Vice president and retired Commander of Defence Forces of Zimbabwe Constantino Chiwenga and his children from his estranged wife Mary Mubayiwa

Straight to the VVIP tent where the President was to also seat was despite that on a normal day back at the barracks without sharing a bed with the country’s second citizen, she would have had a seat with her colleagues in the second tent were security chiefs are accommodated.

Before being the second wife she would have arrived earlier and waited for the arrival of her “boss” Commander Defence Forces Phillip Valerio Sibanda and saluted him upon his arrival. But on this day it was a different story the still serving junior was saluted by the boss as she was bearing the title of the vice president.

“This has been up for discussion at the barracks heads are spinning on how to handle the Baloyi once you become a soldier you will carry the office everywhere and she is also the wife to the Vp apa the Sibanda is supposed to salute her as the wife to VP but at work, she is the one to salute”

“I suggest that she retires so this doesn’t confuse, the two titles can’t be separated, how will they greet each other already she now has a similar security detail like the CDF said another colonel,” said one soldier on condition of anonymity

One major event on the Military calendar that is coming is the Commander Golf tournament, the second citizen by the virtue of being the retired CDF will attend

The event is organized in Colonel Baloyi’s office which one would wonder how she will introduce herself as who, a colonel or the wife of the VP

Picture source : ZBC NEWSONLINE

Colonel Baloyi is tipped to be promoted in September this year. Besides her rise, she is a well-decorated soldier. After joining the army in 1996 after high school in Matabeleland she pursued further studies, the first degree in Chines and two master’s degrees one in business administration and the second in International relations

When Chiwenga was airlifted to China for treatment Baloyi was one of the few who had access to him after Marry Chiwenga had been banished to see her then-husband.


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