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Apostle K Introduce Club Heaven, A Night Club For Christians

Apostle K, born Kudzai Jaravaza, is a religious figure who founded the SWAG (Saved With Amazing Grace and Glory) Church in Harare. His approach to ministry is modern and youth-centric, aiming to resonate with younger generations through contemporary music and cultural relevance.

Public sentiment towards Apostle K and the SWAG Church is mixed. Some view the church’s modern style as a refreshing change that meaningfully engages young people. Others, however, are sceptical, expressing concerns over the unconventional methods and attire associated with the church.

Apostle K’s secular attire is often a topic of discussion. He clarified his dress code as a conscious choice to connect with the youth through fashion. This style choice, he said, is part of a broader strategy to create a church environment where young people can feel comfortable and be themselves.

The controversial cleric revealed that he is opening a Christian nightclub in Zimbabwe. He added that Club Heaven, which opens in May, is “set to bring together sober Christian values and vibrant entertainment under the same roof.”

Apostle K reiterated:

“Our Pastors, Prophets, Saints and Evangelical communities are also in need of this safe space carefully designed for their fun and morally upright relaxation. Stepping into Club Heaven means stepping into an atmosphere of positivity, where guests can dance, socialize, and unwind in a safe, non-alcoholic and uplifting environment.

“Our club caters to those looking to have a great time while staying true to their faith, providing a refreshing alternative to traditional nightclubs. At Club Heaven, guests can expect top-tier gospel musical performances, themed nights that celebrate Christian holidays and values, and a welcoming community that embraces diversity and togetherness.”

Netizens had mixed sentiments about the new club.

La Rosche:

“Iiiih 🙌izvi itayi mega henyu hazvina denga raMwari mukati izvi.”


“I feel like 5 years ago, if you told someone any of the stuff we think is normal today, they’d laugh in your face 😢”


“Team yakuona kunge Mwari ndiSekuru vavo.”


“Kuchatsva munhu.”


“Haa iyi ndo “not in the name of Judas” yakaimbwa na Master H.



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