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A female artiste’s dream to make a difference in society

RISING female musician Xiba, born Elisheba Sikireta, says she has a burning passion to make a difference through music. She aspires to create music that not only captivates audiences, but also champions positive transformation.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, the songstress said she wanted to use her voice to inspire people.

“I aspire to be a strong and powerful voice for women in my country. I hope to use my voice and music to inspire women and girls to reach their full potential while working towards creating a just and equal society,” Xiba said.

She said her objective was also to showcase the rich culture and heritage of Zimbabwe through music and strive to be a best performer for her artistic satisfaction and the enjoyment of her fans.

Art has since been described as a powerful tool for communication and expression, and Xiba does not feel any different. The songstress said music allowed her to express herself fully and channel emotions to connect with the audience.

“I can express myself in a way that is both authentic and relatable. By creating and performing music, I can share my innermost thoughts, feelings and ideas with the world. It is my hope that my music will not only resonate with listeners, but also helps them to connect with their own emotions and experiences. Through music, I can speak my truth and connect with my audience on a deeper level,” the songstress said.

Xiba noted that she enjoyed exploring a wide range of genres as it was an avenue to expand horizons and take on challenges.

“Some of the genres I enjoy singing include afro-fusion, traditional Shona music, gospel and jazz. These genres have emotions and soul, which I love to express through my voice. I also enjoy the unique harmonies and rhythms that these genres have to offer. It is always a pleasure to experiment with new sounds and styles and to see what I can create with my voice,” Xiba said.

The musician added that she was interested in exploring collaborations with other female artistes from across Africa adding that she believes it would be great to bring together different styles and voices from across the continent to create something unique and powerful.

Xiba has worked with established artistes such as Saintfloew, Holy Ten and Andy Muridzo on collaborations, releasing songs like Jumanji, My Feelings and Butterfly respectively. She also worked on a duet with Ndunge Yut titled Bokola recently.

Xiba also noted that collaborations allowed her to reach a wider audience, gain more recognition and allowed experimentation with new sounds and styles which she believed had been beneficial for her career and growth as a musician.

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