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Chikunguru warned

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) board of directors has issued a stern warning to former chief executive Ms Adelaide Chikunguru, threatening legal action if she fails to formalise her complaints in court.

Ms Chikunguru, who resigned from her position at the State broadcaster on March 1, has been vocal on social media, accusing the board of breaching her contract and other grievances.

In response, the ZBC board released a statement indicating that Ms Chikunguru has 48 hours to follow through on her threats of seeking legal recourse. Failure to do so will result in the board pursuing a High Court injunction to enforce perpetual silence on the matter.

“The board advises Ms Chikunguru to pursue her claims, if any, through the due process of the law and notes her continued suggestion that her lawyers have been briefed.

“The board publicly states that there is no substance in the allegations against the board and the corporation. To this end, the board invites her to execute her threats of resort to law against the corporation within the next 48 hours.

“In the event that she does not do so, the board reserves the right to approach the High Court for a decree of perpetual silence calling upon her to bring the threatened legal action or forever keep her peace.

“This decision is necessary to protect the continuing harm to the corporation’s interests and those of its stakeholders,” the board said.

Ms. Chikunguru was suspended on February 28 to allow for investigations into allegations made against her. However, she resigned before the investigation began, which the board had stated would be conducted independently and impartially.

Nevertheless, Ms. Chikunguru took to social media to allege that the charges against her were fabricated as part of a personal and politicised agenda by specific individuals.



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