Zanu slams theatrical Chamisa

ZANU pf and MDC-A have clashed over the events that transpired in Zimunya area just outside of Mutare on Tuesday, with the latter claiming that there was an assassination attempt on its party president Nelson Chamisa and the former alleging that they are oppositional theatrics.

The clash came after social media was on Tuesday awash with reports and images of Chamisa’s convoy having been damaged with claims that bullets had been fired in an attempt to kill the opposition party leader.

Zanu PF Director of Information, Tafadzwa Mugwadi, said in efforts to attract the attention of the United Nation (UN) rapporteur who is in the country to assess the impact of sanctions, MDC-A leader was performing theatrics to destabilize the nation and portray a negative image of current affairs.

“We are not surprised the MDC and the entirety of the opposition grouping is in sixes and sevens over the visiting UN special rapporteur on sanctions, she is clear she is coming to investigate the impact of unilateral illegal sanctions on the lives of innocent people.

“We expected this from the MDC, we were not just pretty sure which form of theatrics they were going to play this time around but we were sure they will have theatrics of one way or the other,” claimed Mugwadi.

He said the allegations by MDC-A will not disturb or dissuade Zimbabweans from sending a clear message on the need to scrap unilateral sanctions affecting the country.

“The MDC is naked, the civil society is naked, they are naked before the international jury on sanctions because they are culpable, they are complicit they played a part in inviting sanctions so they have nothing to tell the rap so that is why they are going around the country provoking people.”

MDC vice president Tendai Biti said one of the bullets shot whisked through the rear window where Chamisa usually sits when being chauffeured.

“As drove from Chipinge an unlawful ambush was mounted, gunshots were fired and one of the bullets actually whisked in the left rear passenger seat where he normally seats as a VIP,” said Biti.

He added that throughout the day on Tuesday about twelve cars were seen tailing Chamisa’s convoy yesterday prior to the attack.

“It is quite clear that there is desperate attempt, a clear attempt to ensure that our party president does not meet Zimbabweans, we condemn in the strongest terms the actions by Zanu pf that are behind these unlawful attacks on our president both in Masvingo and in Manicaland.”

He accused some members of parliament of organising rogue elements in the society to carry out the attacks.

The alleged attack on Chamisa is the second in two weeks, following similar incidents and disturbances in Masvingo last week during his tour of meeting the people.

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