Women weaponizing the Justice System-Stunner

By Stephanie Kadzirange

42-year-old hip-hop artist Desmond Chideme well known as ‘Stunner’, who was acquitted earlier today in a matter of domestic violence by Harare Magistrate Everlyn Mashayakure said women are weaponizing the justice system to score cheap points against men.

In a statement released on his behalf by Maynard Manyowa, the chanter said the allegations made by his wife were false and meant to tarnish his reputation.

“I am innocent, and that has been proven. The allegations against me, as has now been proven in court, were wholly false, completely fabricated, and engineered to tarnish my image, take my voice away.”

Chideme also said that women are using legal routes to persecute men as they know that they have an upper hand when it comes to gender-based violence cases in courts.

“Several women in this country are weaponizing the judicial system knowing men do not have a voice anymore, and that men, bent on protecting their family, often opt out of the brutal arena that is a criminal trial.”

Harare Magistrate who presided over the matter said that the two’s union had turned sour and Tafirenyika’s evidence was not sufficient and in line with her submissions in court.

“It is highly encouraged that if relationships turn sour, they should be talks. There was no evidence that was led in connection to this assault and the court wonders why these people did not come to testify.

“There are inconsistencies in Tafirenyika’s testimonies. Clearly, the evidence of the medical affidavit does not support what the complainant told the court.

“There is insufficient evidence to point out that the accused could have assaulted the complainant. The court is convinced that the accused is not guilty hence he is acquitted,” said the magistrate.

Stunner topped chats on and off social media last month after a video went viral when he allegedly bashed his wife.

Dyonne Tafirenyika claimed that she was assaulted for more than half an hour by the rapper leading her to report the matter.

However, Stunner has been involved in so many scandals with different women such as Pokello, Olinda Chappel, and Dyonne among others.

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