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UFIC Leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has made a U-turn regarding the vaccination program as he encouraged his followers to be inoculated.

During the Sunday morning service Makandiwa, who had urged his followers that vaccination was not ideal and could be a mark of the beast, said getting the covid-19 jabs was the way out and people should be immunized.

“Quickly receive it and it is good for you.  It doesn’t really matter what I say, eventually you are going to die either vaccinated or not. You are not going to live forever,” Makandiwa said.

The prolific preacher said the vaccine was not a mark of the beast as had been earlier claimed and that “time is coming that you won’t be able to do anything if you are not vaccinated so it’s better to be vaccinated now”.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Makandiwa was at the fore-front in advocating against the vaccination program.

But this time around, he said: “It’s going to hurt you not receiving this thing and don’t blame your local leaders because it’s coming from above, it’s being dictated”

“When the vaccine comes and it’s accompanied by the mark of the Beast I will let you know. This is not the mark of the Beast.  There is no chip; there is no mark in the vaccine. It gets into your body, after a while it goes what remains is the immunity” said Makandiwa

His earlier message to thousands of his followers, led to vaccine hesitancy and conspiracy theories on the safety of the vaccine.

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