The man who axed his wife 14 times in Ushewekunze commits suicide

Tinashe Paunosvisva who struck his wife Rona Masango with an axe more than 14 times in Ushewekunze before fleeing killed himself in Beitbridge, Spot News ZW can confirm.

The Police found his body this morning and notified his brother Francis Moyo.

It is believed that he drank poison on his way to South Africa.

The axed wife was a mother to Greaterlife Embassy Founder Apostle Try Immanuel.

The late’s daughter is said to have been saved from committing suicide by mourners also, through downing rat poison as she failed to come to terms with her mother’s death.

It is believed that the dispute was a result of infidelity.

Tinashe Paunosvisva was 41 and the wife was 40.

Police removed the body and took it to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital for post-mortem.

The family confirmed yesterday that they had identified the wife’s body and she is expected to be buried in Chihota.

“So far we identified the body at Harare hospital mortuary as relatives since we arrived yatotorwa nepolice zuro.

 She is badly damaged.

 Head almost in two pieces, counted almost 14 cuts, hands almost off akangobata neganda. And the police said back yese matemo egaega.

The hubby’s relatives disappeared so the relatives of the wife have begun the process of papers, forensic postmortems booked, waiting for covid test results right now to proceed to forensic postmortem.

 The results will determine the next stage as police advise.”

A family spokesperson, Eunice Kaitano, said one of the two minor children (aged five and nine) had to be rushed for a rehabilitation session after being traumatized by the heinous act.

Reached for a comment on the tragic death of his mother Apostle Try Immanuel said

“If marriage is not working, guys quitting is wisdom, we only have one life here.

That’s why the bible says love your neighbor as yourself.

It must be you first.

Better be single and alive than die before your time”

Efforts to get a comment from Paunosvisva family were fruitless as the brother’s phone was not reachable.

The late couple is survived with five children.

Rona Masango is expected to be buried in Chihota.

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