Passion Java a gold smuggler-Spot News ZW

Known for flamboyance that manifests itself in driving top of the range of vehicles, President Emmerson Mnangagwa newfound ally—prophet Pangani Passion Java is a smuggler of gold, ivory, and diamonds.

He claims to reside in the United States of America, frequents the  Bahamans and claims to own a private jet. He is married to Lilly Tsegaye, an Ethiopian national now based in America.  The two once divorced and reconciled late last year. But before that, he had divorced Prophet Yasmin Java.

From the first marriage, he was blessed with a boy whom he christened Uebert. He has publicly stated that he does not use a condom. he is President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new ally and dines with the country’s number 1.   

For all his alleged wealth, what is Java known for? Does he have a business that funds his lavish living? We take a dive into Passion Java’s lifestyle  and horn in on his source of revenue.

He started his gospel entrepreneurship in 2012 through Kingdom Embassy having been raised in the Assemblies of God church. He pioneered the church across the globe along with his wife, Lilly.

 A fresh investigation into his lavish lifestyle has revealed that he is now into gold and diamond smuggling.

Questions have been raised into how he sustains his frequent trips to and from the Bahamas, a place well known as a tax haven.

But a probe with documentary evidence, including his own confession, indicates that he is one of those who are siphoning Zimbabwe’s stones unnoticed.  A further probe suggests that of late, he is using his newfound relationship with President Emmerson Mnangagwa to loot—leaving the nation dry.


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