No need for panic buying during the festive season: CZR

Denford Mutashu

By Tracy Mazhura

HARARE –The Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR) has urged the public to avoid impulse buying of groceries during this festive season as there is enough supply of basic commodities.

By Tracy Mazhura

According to the organization, a reflection on history shows that buying in bulk instigates an unnecessary spike in prices for basic commodities.

Therefore, CZR has taken an initiative to inform the consumers that they must avoid panicking as there is enough stock to cater for the whole of Zimbabwe now and in the near future.

Briefing the media, CZR president Denford Mutashu said, unlike the yesteryears, consumers must not change their buying patterns.

“The supply of key basics is guaranteed. There is no need to panic. Panic buying causes unnecessary supply constraints but we have got sufficient product. We are working around to ensure that price escalations will not happen and we will be engaging with suppliers like we are already doing,” said Mutashu.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers also outlined that it is going to ensure that retailers maintain the prices of commodities throughout the festive season as it is going to lobby and warrant for the availability of foreign currency to suppliers.

“As CZR, we appealed to the government and they are going to ensure that suppliers and manufacturers have enough foreign currency through the auction system so that they deploy sufficient procurement of raw materials and supply is not interrupted.”

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