Media blackout for Zimbabwe

HARARE-Zimbabweans today woke up without national Radio and Television for six hours

The state’s only broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting of Zimbabwe announced through their social media handles that they have been affected by power shortages

“The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation would like to inform all valued stakeholders that its Pockets Hill Broadcasting Centre has suffered a power outage. This has affected all radio and television transmission. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience. Engineers are working to restore services”

The national broadcaster which played a pivotal role in the 2017 Coup was restored after six hours

The blackout was viewed as an early Christmas for Zimbabwe by the self-exiled former broadcasting Minister of Information Jonathan Moyo

“Many will take it as an early life-changing Christmas present if the transmission does not resume, permanently!” said Moyo

A Twitter handle by the name Capt S Murehwa @MurehwaSoko equated the national broadcaster to dead figtree that no longer has life

“This Situation at ZBC is whereby you are Trying to Raise a Fallen 100Yrs Old Fig Tree. Its Dead Let it Stay down, Do you think anyone will notice No, Look at ZanuPF Head Offices Windows has DSTV Satellite Installed they can’t stand their own lies, kkkk”

The broadcaster houses six radio stations, National Fm, Radio Zimbabwe, Power FM, Classic 263. Khulumani Fm, 95.8 Central radio and one Tv station ZBC TV

Since 1980 the Broadcasting services in Zimbabwe (BAZ) has only issued 6 television stations but non have started broadcasting as of yet.

The Zimbabwe Digital Program has also been making tortoise moves, as the broadcaster could not even switch to autopilot

Zimbabwe was the first Southern African country to have a television license but due political interference the only broadcaster has been used as a mouthpiece of the governing party.

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