Marry Chiwenga’s assault trial fail to start

The court today said, they are still waiting for a medical report so that they can determine whether or not the former Miss Zimbabwe and estranged wife of Vice President CGDN Chiwenga is fit to stand trial.

Talking to Spot News ZW, Marry said “I was here for the assault case and I was told to come back on the 18th”

Her lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa added that Mubaiwa is not medically fit to stand trial but the courts are stripping her off of her rights.

“We are still waiting for medical report to see whether or not she is fit for trial and the report is not yet ready.

Marry is sick and anyone can see that she is ill but the courts require a medical perspective…

The courts including the Supreme Court have found it proper to deny her the right including medical treatment which is completely unheard of because whatever she is being accused to have done does not take away her right to be treated humanely”

The former model is being accused of assaulting her children’s helper and attempting to murder the Vice President.

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