Java gears up for 2023 elections- Spot News ZW

Controversial prophet Passion Java, in efforts to tap into Mai Titi and Madam Boss fan base for the 2023 elections, has acquired Mercedes Benz, each for the two female celebrities Spot News ZW can review.

The two female celebrities command a large following on social media and Java aims at exploiting their publicity to gunner support for the ruling ZANU PF in the upcoming 2023 elections.

Java bought the two luxurious vehicles from Fally’s car sale (Pan Jap Motors), a known associate of the first family who has economical relations with the Mnangagwa twins.

In a post on Instagram, Java, in contrast to the current state of transport infrastructure in the country, said Zimbabwe has good roads that deserved well modelled cars.

Tiri kufara muZimbabwe chii, ma roads edu akagadzirwa akanaka anodawo mota dzakanaka nemadzimai akanaka,” said Java.

The two socialites command a following of about 4 million on social media combined.

Passion Java, who also commands a larger social media constituency, is accused of using disruptive campaign, a known technique borrowed from by Russian President Vladimir Putin, a tactic that utilizes socialites to manipulate discourse and public opinion.

He has been seen dining with the country’s number one citizen on a number of times, and is also a member of AAG.

President Mnangagwa is on record, encouraging ZANU PF patriots to utilise social media to indoctrinate party ideologies on platform that are pro-MDC-A.

Isu vadhara nana mai Muchinguri vedu ava, hatizvigone zvinhu izvozvo imi zera renyu fambai navo mu social media imomo, musakundwa mu social media imi pindai movarakasha vanhu mu social media imomo,” said President Mnangagwa.

Fally Ipupa has also been seen with the President and it is alleged that he is one of the few young people fueling the social media disruptive campaign for Zanu PF.

Close sources have also reviewed that Ipupa is a front man of big business moguls who are trying to hide behind his body. This has also led us into an investigation on who really is Fally Ipupa.

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