Chiwenga’s wife trial to commence on the 6th of December

Vice President and Minister of Health’s estranged wife Marry’s trial is expected to commence on the 6th of December after two State medical doctors said that she is mentally fit to follow trial proceedings.

She spent seven days in prison while undergoing medical examination to determine if she is fit to follow trial proceedings.

Her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa argued that the medical reports that were used to determine whether or not she is mentally fit to stand trial were not admissible because the High Court had dismissed the need.

“Your Worship, what you have are reports done under wrong act as stated by the High Court”

“We would want doctors to come testify on these reports. It boggles the mind, why any proper justice system wants to try someone who is not well” said Mtetwa.

Harare Magistrate Lazini Ncube ruled that the trial must commence on the 6th of December because one out of three state medical doctors had testified that she is not fit for trial.

“The court stand guided by the findings of two doctors. Therefore the matter is postponed to the 6th of December for trial commencement” he said.

Mubaiwa is facing a set of charges including attempted murder, money embezzlement, assault among other charges.

She might spend her festive season behind bars if trial goes sideways.

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