Broken Mary Mubaiwa-Chiwenga turns 40- Spot News ZW

Vice President CDGN Chiwenga’s estranged wife, Mary who is currently in court for allegedly trying to kill her husband and assaulting a domestic worker among other cases turns 40.

She said on her Twitter handle “As I turn 40 tomorrow, I thank God for the life that he has thrown @me, the weight I have had to carry, the humiliation that I suffered at the hands of my other half, the baseless accusations and the weight of his instructions and authority. Evil eye”

“I am going to be 4ty tomorrow and just wishing and wanting and waiting for my children Tendai, Christian, and Michael to be with me. What kind of a father denies his children which he claims to love the right to be with their mother and vice-versa.  Where is God when you need him?”

“I didn’t marry the material wealth, I married the wealth that was in his heart, the gentle touch of his hand, the knowledge of God, his understanding of what my heart wanted, he understood the person that I was, the me that I am today, focused, forgiving and forward-thinking.”

Marry is still battling to see the kids she had with the former Army General, now the second most powerful man in Zimbabwe, and accuse the judiciary of being captured.

The Supreme Court ruled that she could not get custody of her three kids.

On March 4 she said “I miss my children so much, 17months I have been shut out completely, subjected to imprisonment by my husband to keep me away, the judiciary is compromised…these are young children…power is not permanent”

Mary, who denies all the charges, was also kicked out of her marital home after a court ruled she cannot reside under one roof with her estranged husband.

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