Bishop Muzorehwa’s UANC ready to face Mnangagwa in 2023

United African National Council (UANC), which was led by the late Methodist Bishop Abel Muzorewa said that the party is all geared up for the 2023 election.

By Shorai Murwira

The party launched its strategic plan for 2022 in which it aims to secure 3,6 million voters for the 2023 harmonized elections, according to the manifesto.

The UANC is one of the oldest political parties in Zimbabwe and has said that they are confident of winning in the forthcoming election.

Delegates who attended the party’s strategic planning workshop in the capital on Tuesday expressed satisfaction with the progress the party has recorded since it bounced back on the local political landscape through participating in the 2018 elections.

Mr. Michael Nyamande, the UANC Secretary-General, said the party would soon carry out an audit of all party structures nationwide in readiness for the 2023 polls.

“We have covered all the 10 provinces in Zimbabwe and will field candidates accordingly,” said Mr. Nyamande.

In his keynote address, Party President, Rev Dr. Gwinyai Muzorewa outlined the way forward for the liberation party.

Muzorewa enunciated The UANC principles of humanity, unity, and true servant leadership.

He also stressed the values of sacrificial teamwork and a non-selfish approach by party officials in the quest to develop a better Zimbabwe for all.

In this regard, The UANC president said the party welcomed a coalition with like-minded political organizations.

“It is the practice of The UANC to unite with other parties only if these have principles and values which are compatible with our democratic values and principles,” said President Muzorewa.

The UANC is the party that formed the first black-led government in Zimbabwe in 1979, after minority rule in the country from 1890.

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