AMH Journalist Arrested

Blessed Mhlanga

HARARE-Alpha Media Holding Journalist Blessed Mhlanga will be sleeping behind bars after been charged with assault today

BY Nkanyezi Mzila

The Head of Current Affairs at Heart and Soul television posted on his Twitter handle that he had been charged with disorderly conduct

“I will be sleeping in police cells today after @PoliceZimbabwe changed the charges against me from disorderly conduct to assaulting a police officer 3 days after. I have been reporting 2 the police every day by myself. I don’t know why they want to detain me. I am shocked” he said

According to his Twitter handle the journalist was arrested during the wee hours of 27 November for taking pictures of police officers and was detained for 3 hours and released without any charge.

Mhlanga claimed that one Police officer named Patsikadowa stationed at Waterfalls police punched his mouth with a fist resulting in teeth being disarranged “killing his smile”

“Last night I was arrested n detained by @PoliceZimbabwe for taking pictures at Zindoga, of police offices. I was detained without charge 4 3 hrs. A policeman struck my mouth with a fist, my teeth curved in killing my smile. Only released with @misazimbabwe help. Now at hospital”

According to his Lawyer Chris Mhike, the paperwork had not been finalised, and was not sure when he will appear in court

“once the paperwork is done we will know when he will appear in court but he will spend the night at the Waterfalls police station”

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