10-Day Prison custody for Marry Chiwenga

Marry Chiwenga

Vice President CGDN Chiwenga’s estranged wife Marry has been temporarily taken into custody at Harare Central Prison for a 10-day mental evaluation.

Magistrate Lazini NCUBE ruled that Chiwenga must be taken into custody to be evaluated by another government mental doctor as required by the law.

“It is therefore declared that the accused be by two medical doctors at Harare Central Prison who should inquire into and report to her mental state”

The accused is to be in the custody of Officer in Charge Harare Central Prison

The examination must be done within 10 days of this order”

Speaking to Spot News ZW, Doug Coltart said this was a miscarriage of justice

“This is horrific injustice….

Putting someone unwell is grave injustice”

“We will immediately take this decision on review with the High Court and try to have this overturned as quickly as possible “

“This is despite the fact that she has been examined by three medical doctors at the request of the state

The medical doctors made it clear that she is not fit to stand trial, despite that the magistrate has requested further examinations this time in Prison custody” said Coltart

Chiwenga has been in and out of prison since 2019 for allegations of attempted murder, money laundering among other charges.

She is expected to appear at Harare Magistrates Court on the 26th of November for routine remand.

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